Meet the Basecamp Family



We are a fun family of three, (unless of course you count our dogs too!) As you can tell by our name, we love to set up a good basecamp! Some folks love to travel, and check out new campsites each day, but we like to find our little slice of wilderness heaven and make it our home!

Occasionally we will move once on a week long wilderness canoe trip, but in general, we prefer day trips to moving.



Meet Basecamp Mom

Hi, I’m Basecamp Mom and the primary author here on From the age of 0-6 years old, I barely grew up camping with my family in their fifth wheel trailer. When we did, it was to a small veterans campground about 15 miles from home. Eventually my parents sold their trailer, and we never camped again.
When I met Basecamp Dad he grew up quite differently, tent camping multiple times per year, and usually at a national forest dispersed camping. True “roughing” it.

Throughout the years I’ve fallen in love, and honed in on this whole camping thing, and in late 2014 decided to venture out into Wilderness Camping to the BWCA and beyond. We have been hooked every since!

I like trying new places in the BWCA, working on hiking the entire Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) over the next four years – not continuous – giving gear reviews, and I absolutely LOVE meal planning and ideas, so be sure to check out the subjects up top, and browse through some of our tried and true’s.

For the most part I will be posting meal reviews on the 15th of each month, and gear reviews on the 30th of each month. Check back often!

Meet Basecamp Dad.


As stated above, Basecamp Dad spent his entire childhood, and now most of his adult life camping (multiple times throughout the year) at myriad campsites throughout Minnesota. Basecamp Dad loves to fish, hunt, and relax around a campfire.








Meet Basecamp Kid

B13343027_515547652502_1835315574204338581_nasecamp Kid has been camping with us since she was 6 months old! We car camped with her until she turned 7 years old and then we introduced backcountry wilderness camping to the scene.

Basecamp kid has done very well in the backcountry. She is energetic, and loves to invent stories while on the trail. While she prefers shorter rod portages, she has tackled some 200+ portages without too much complaint. Her favorite place to sleep is her hammock.




Meet Basecamp JRT (Jack Russell Terrier)

This little firecracker is definitely canoe-worthy! She loves nothing more than to lay at the bow of the canoe and take a little nap while we paddle to our destination. Does well on the portages, and likes mousing along the shore, and woods around camp.





Meet Basecamp GSP (German Shorthair Pointer)

Our Basecamp GSP no longer joins us on our backcountry trips due to his food weighing so much (this guy eats 4 cups of food per day!), rocking the canoe, and pulling too much on the leash.

He LOVES camping though when we are with friends and family on our big group “car” camping trips where he gets to play and pounce around with all of his other pup friends!