Meal Review – Good To-Go brand

Simplicity – simplicity – simplicity!

That’s where its at for me in the back-country. I was so excited to test out this new brand “Good To-Go” when I saw it on the shelf at my local REI. They are both gluten free and vegetarian, so if that is something that is a need for you – then these might be right for you!

On my last trip to the wilderness I tested two of these.  The Classic Marinara with Penne, and the Thai Curry. After reading rave reviews I figured I was in good hands.

Classic Marinara with Penne
As with most of these packaged meals for backcounty – it comes in two servings, well at least the package I picked up at REI was.

This meal couldn’t have been easier! Simply add two cups of water to the pouch. It does take at least 20 minutes to soften up those noodles tho, so you do have to plan ahead so that you’re not eating in the dark like I did on the first night!

I also carried in a tiny little bottle of crushed red peppers since I like my food nice and spicy!


This was really good. I compared it in my mind to the Prego Ready Meals, and thought this was better, and lighter! I only ate about half of it though. There was so much left over that I had to pack it back out.

Thai Curry
Right out of the bat I set aside the coconut milk, since that isn’t my favorite, added my two cups of water in and I was set!

The spice is real folks. I didn’t even need to add any crushed red peppers, and the taste is delicious! Little pieces of peas, broccoli and green beans were a really nice touch.  Again, there was way too much for one person to eat the two serving size. (Did a company finally get their serving sizes right? )


Later that night my tummy was a little rumbly though – so I might be a bit shy to try this one again.

All in all – I really like this company, and their meals don’t remind me of an MRE from my Navy days like some of the other companies do. I’m also really excited to see on their website that they DO in fact offer single sizes and lots of new delicious choices!




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