Preggo Ready Meals

While perusing the aisles at the local Super Target I ran into these Prego Ready Meals. I was intrigued. Picked one up, and threw it in the cart.mnlindsey80-130217-174540

You can either microwave them, or if you’re in the backcountry, simply open and dump into a cooking pot. Its all of the convenience of Spaghetti O’s & Meatballs without the contraband aluminum can!

Once I got home I promptly threw that baby in the microwave and made Basecamp Dad and Basecamp Kid try it. At first they looked at me like, “Do we really need to taste test?”  “Yes, because half the time you don’t LOVE backcountry meals, so were going to approve them all before we go from now on!”.

Not surprisingly they both loved it.

Tastes Delish (as far as this kind of food goes)
Easy to transport
There is meat in it!
Something the whole family loves

Heavy (Might be able to repackage and dehydrate if you were concerned about weight)
Without an abundance of sauce it burns easily in the GSI cookset pots – so ya gotta keep it stirring

On me and Basecamp Dad’s recent winter trip I packed two of these along and a tiny plastic bottle of crushed red peppers. I’m thinking if we had a Bota Box of Cabernet along, and some naan for over the fire this would have been just about perfect!


Will absolutely add this to our mainstay.


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